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Art is from our life and it is around our life. 
Xiamen See Arts Industry Co., Ltd.is Founded in 2002. It is a professional manufacturer which specializes in handmade oil paintings & frames. Our factory directly supplies various styles of handmade oil painting and frames. We have more than 200 outstanding designers and professional oil painting artists. We have rich experience to do business with clients from United States, Europe and other countries; still we won their trust base on our honesty and good service.
Base on continually improve our products still our team keep hard working to develop and design of new products that are popular in international markets also we provide the professional service for our clients.
We directly supply oil painting art-work, modern frames and stretch bars to our clients and they don’t need to be worried about how to find the right frame company after buying oil paintings. Our wide range of products selections, Competitive price, on time delivery, good service can meet the demands of your business requirement With our rich experience, professional work and services, we have the ability to do good job. >>MORE